Sunday, September 14, 2008

Turnaround at WEC

Last week's Post column dealt with some of the positive changes at WEC, Women Entrepreneurs of Canada.

When it began nearly two decades ago,WEC seemed determined to be a national voice for women business owners. It has been pretty quiet lately. But I was talking to the president-elect, Carissa Reiniger recently, and she's working on initiatives that will change all that.

Unfortunately, some members of WEC have taken offence at my article. They say the new plan has been in the works for quite a while, under the current board which is mostly leaving office later this month. They seem to bridle at Reiniger getting all the credit.

I certainly apologize to anyone who feels put out. Reiniger at no point criticized the current board or executive, and neither did my article. My comments about the weak pulse at WEC has been uttered many times by many entrepreneurs I have met in recent years. And everyone will welcome WEC's return to relevance.

Congrats to the current board (which includes Reiniger), and to the incoming board members, for a great plan. Now let's see the new folks execute.

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