Saturday, September 26, 2009

Random notes from Cameron Herold's closing keynote at GrwothCamp;

Get more done faster, cheaper. Herold recommends Crowdspring, eLance, MechanicalBull Talk to any university student for more

Get your employees headsets so they can talk while walking about or going to the bathroom. And high-end Herman Miller chairs. "Your people will love you for it."

Get every employee a laptop. And three monitors for thier desktop computer: one screen for email, one for projects, etc. Big productivity increase.

Herold believes in a no-blame culture. "People don't fail, systems do."

On meetings: Allot half the time you think you'll need. You'll still get it all done.
Every meeting should end with: "Who will do what by when?"

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Anonymous said...

What's MechanicalBull?

Nothing exists at, and there are no seemingly relevant hits on google.