Monday, September 07, 2009

When Robots Attack

For your holiday reading, here's a fun post from PC World Canada: "Real-Life Robots That Could Kill Us All."

As the name implies, this brief slideshow offes examples of 10 robots that have actually been built that bear eerie similarities to the Terminator and other killer robots that we have long been accustomed to seeing in the movies.

Examples include the fly-eating robot that generates energy from the flies it consumes; the robot with the brain of a blood-sucking lamprey eel; and the "Multiple Kill Vehicle" built by the scientists at Lockheed Martin. (It flies, shoots bullets and emits flames.)

Reading the list is morbid fun, but it also makes you think about where technology is heading. You can start the slideshow by clicking here.

Robotic Traffic Cones: University of Nebraska scientist Shane Farritor decided to install robotic motors and GPS systems into traffic barrels that could then be controlled remotely by a computer to move to different places on the road depending on where they are needed. It's easy to see the cones malfunctioning, however, and directing unsuspecting drivers toward shark tanks or vats of nuclear waste.

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