Thursday, January 14, 2010

FreshBooks World

A new online magazine on Toronto, YongeStreet, has launched with a story on FreshBooks, the online invoicing service that is becoming a boon to freelancers and consultants around the world.

Not a lot new in the story, but a good read if you haven't heard how founder Mike McDerment developed the product as an app for his own web-design business, and then saw the potential for selling it as a standalone monthly service.

The last time I visited FreshBooks, a few years ago, they had a staff of about 7. Today it’s 38.

Author Paul Gallant notes one reason for the company’s international success is that invoicing is one of the few business chores that take the same form around the world.

As McDerment says, "I never really thought about us as a Canadian company… People don't seem to care where you're located so long as you're able to communicate to them effectively.”

You can read the full story here.

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Mike McDerment said...

Hey Rick - thanks for the write up...7-38...crazy eh?

Hope things are well.

- mike