Monday, January 11, 2010

Secrets of business in three little words

Boston-area entrepreneur Dharmesh Shah wrote a brilliant blogpost recently that draws on all of his near-20 years’ experience with technology startups.

He composed 47 “triplets” of advice for other startup entrepreneurs. Yep, each is just three words long. Yet together they capture the challenge, creativity and emotional rush of starting and running a business.

You can read the full list here. If you're tight for time, here are my 10 favourites:

1. Watch your cash.
2. Invest in culture.
3. Avoid tempting distractions.
4. Never fudge numbers.
5. Guard your time.
6. Defer renting space.
7. Start charging early.
8. Sell something today.
9. Say “NO” often.
10. Cancel unnecessary meetings.

(I also loved No. 43, for its broader and unselfish perspective: “Improve employees’ resumes.”)

Dharmesh also invited his blog visitors to make up their own “triplets.” Startup guru Guy Kawasaki offers theis plum: "Sales fixes everything."

Other readers contributed these gems, among many others:
Metrics reveal truth
Trust your instincts
Spend less money
Follow hot market
"Trust but verify"
Watch every dollar
Hire smart people
Pursue multiple strategies
Visualize your success.
Think like customer
Gut trumps advice
Fewer, better metrics
Deliver Above Expectations
Pay for Performance
Hire Decision Makers
Find your why
Question your motives
Keep It Simple
Share glory widely
Success breeds success.

To finish things off, here are three triplets of my own.
Seek experienced advisors.
Customer is boss.
Make the Call.

Check out Dharmesh’s post here.
(Thanks to Austin Hill for the tip.)

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Satich Dash said...

The secret for success in business is work hard, pantual ,smart and clever etc...
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