Tuesday, January 05, 2010

How innovative is your business?

These days, everyone is looking to innovation to solve common problems such as declining markets, excess competition, fickle customers and flat productivity.

But how innovative is your organization, really? How high a priority is innovation? And do you have the right systems in place to promote it, follow through and sustain it?

If you can't answer those questions, you're hardly alone. But there is help.

The Burlington, Ont.-based Innovators Alliance has a nine-question quiz that will help you better understand how to develop and manage a culture of innovation in your business. It includes informative qualitative answers that will direct your thinking and improve your innovation quotient.

To take the survey, click here to reach the IA home page, then scroll down the page to the
"Are You Innovative?" box. Click on the link to download the PDF.

And since it's a PDF document, you can save it to your own computer and share it with your people. After all, innovation is a team sport.

Sample question:
Of the following countries, which one is noted to have the weakest and most simplistic innovation patterns?
a. UK
b. Germany
c. China
d. Canada
e. India

I'll bet you can guess the answer.

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