Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The Art of Marketing is all about You

Today I’ll be at The Art of Marketing conference all day – six cool speakers, and 1500 eager marketers hanging on their every word.

If you can't make it, enjoy my column in this week's Financial Post, which covers my interview last week with marketing guru Seth Godin, the keynote speaker at today’s conference. Godin was his usual whirlwind self, pulling together different threads from all over to create a tapestry of new insights into marketing and business – which he sees as essentially the same thing. Your business, your career: it’s all about marketing, and it’s all about building your brand.


Succeeding at work today isn't about following rules; it's about leading with heart.

Similarly, marketing isn't just what you say about your product any more; it's wrapped up in what you want your business to stand for. (Look at Apple, Godin says, where the company's rebel designer chic persona is the company.)

Both these strategies can easily lead to failure. If your company represents itself as something that it's not (let's say you're a car manufacturer that's found to be less committed to safety than it claimed), social media can chew you up. If you mistake leeway for licence and merely confound your colleagues, you won't last long in the workplace.

But embracing these opportunities is the best way to stand out, and discover where your future awaits.

Read the full story here.

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