Saturday, May 01, 2010

The 13 Fears of Entrepreneurs

Rivers Corbett is the energetic Fredericton entrepreneur (Chefs Group) who put together the NB Entrepreneurs Summit, and hopes it will be the first of many. His goal: to create a vibrant and savvy entrepreneurial climate that will make New Brunswick the small business capital of Canada.

He gave the pre-lunch speech today on the 13 fears of Entrepreneurs – and why they aren't really that scary. “If you can deal with these fears,” he says, “you're going to be successful.”

Fear no. 13: Do we really want to do this? (Is being an entrepreneur right for you?)
It’s ok to ask that question, says Corbett. Any big change in your life will be traumatic, challenging. Entrepreneurship, he promises, is not as scary as it’s portrayed.

“The first thing I tell new entrepreneurs is to say yes to that yearning. Write a journal for 30 days. Make notes about the shift you're thinking of.”

Don't forget to visualize success: what does it look like to you?

Fear 12. Am I doing the wrong business?
Make sure you have a passion for your business, says Corbett. He knows this first-hand – he says he’s lost a lot of money over the years working on the wrong businesses. “Find out that passion,” he says. “Identify business opportunities with your heart, then let your head take over.”

11. Can I do this? Am I good enough?
The answer’s no, says Corbett – unless you can do it with a team of people.

10. Rejection
“How many people here have been rejected in your life?” he asked the crowd. Almost everyone put on their hand. “Exactly,” said Corbett. “So why are we so afraid of it?”

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