Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Social Media, SEO and U

If you're marketing or selling anything today, you need to understand the two S's: Social media, and SEO (search engine optimization).

If you're struggling with these tools, two experts from out west are coming East to help you out.

Stuart Crawford and David West of Calgary-based Ulistic Internet Consultants are holding a workshop on June 9 in Mississauga Ont. (exact location to be announced).

You can go just for the morning to learn all about social media for business with Crawford (whose writings I have been following for years), or you can stay for the whole day and also learn from West how to "Take Care of Your Own SEO."

These new tools are changing business, and you owe it to yourself (and your customers and staff) to learn how to make them work for you.

For more details, visit https://ulistic.com/socialmediaseocourses/socialmedia-training-mississauga.php

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SEOP.com said...

I agree. Social media and SEO should be able to go hand in hand to be able to have a better campaign. Thanks.