Saturday, May 01, 2010

The Sum of all Fears

Here are the remaining nine of Rivers Corbetts' 13 fears of Entrepreneurs

9. Fear of No Money
Be like a squirrel, says Corbett: Stow resources away for hard times. Before you need them.

8. No one will invest in me
Maybe not, but they might just invest in a sound business idea with a solid plan.

7. The timing isn't right
“There is always an excuse not to start a business,” says Corbett. “The timing is never perfect…
You deal with it and you move on.”

6. I don't like risk.
Jobs are riskier, says Corbett, “because someone else is in control…The only person who can fire me is me.”

5. Am I ready for the ups and downs?
4. My family and friends will think I am crazy
“They don't want you to get what they can't have,” said Corbett. “They don't want you getting head in life.”

3. Can I still have time for family and for me?
Make sure you schedule it in, he says. From experience.

2. I can't sell!
Embrace it. Find people who love to sell and incent them to help you.

No. 1: Failure!!!
Don't worry about failure, he says. “The road to success is paved with fantastic failures.”

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