Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Entrepreneurs in big organizations

I was asked Monday in an email what I thought bigger enterprises do to keep entrepreneurially-minded executives happy and on the payroll. I thought about the question for a bit and then wrote this in response:

I'm afraid I don't have much insight into how organizations keep entrepreneurial types. I don't study "big" organizations. My feeling, however, is that most big businesses don't know how to deal with entrepreneurs, and they may not even want to.

In my experience, people who push against the rules and try to leap internal barriers are usually discouraged outright, or are invited to do so someplace else.

Which is actually good, because that's where we get our best entrepreneurs: skilled, seasoned professionals who are tired of mnagement timidity and groupthink, and who believe they can do better.

What do you think? Has your company respected and tried to harness your entreprenurial instincts, or tried to bury them?
(Feel free to disagree with me -- I would love to be wrong about this!)


Unknown said...

Hi Rick,

Here at PROFIT I'm also very interested in producing coverage to help entrepreneurs foster entrepreneurial spirit among their employees, and also stories that will help ambitious employees of owner-managed firms be more "intrapreneurial"—the assumption being that many owner-managers, short-sightedly, want their firms to be extensions of themselves and thus will resist taking direction from and adopting the ideas of those they employ.

Ian Portsmouth

Ashvini Kumar said...

Oh,plenty of times. Entrepreneurial spirit is disregarded at all levels by the organization. I took a lot of initiatives in the organizations I worked for, only to be paid lip service by management. I got so tired and frustrated that I decided to start things on my own.
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