Friday, June 18, 2010

How to be Super Creative

Looking for better business ideas? My column in this week's Financial Post explains how you can become “super creative.”

My source: Shlomo Maital, a Canadian who is now an academic and management thought leader in Israel. At a lecture last week at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management, Maital outlined the steps to becoming a more deliberate and successful innovator.

Through years of studying innovation management, Maital believed the biggest stumbling block wasn't developing ideas, but implementing them. More recently, he has changed his mind. "I've come to realize creativity itself is the problem. Most people don't think they're creative, and they work for organizations that extinguish the spark of creativity."
Click here to become “super.”

And check out Maital’s lively “TIMnovate” blog at
He’s a very creative thinker who writes regularly on innovation and all kinds of business issues and problems. In recent weeks he has written on Slovenia's "small is beautiful" economic miracle, how the Chinese wrested the nickle business from Sudbury, the CEO success paradox, and the growing need to innovate the customer experience.

We tend to take for granted all of the great brains that today offer themselves to us online and for free. You could do a lot worse than read Maital's thoughts every day.

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