Saturday, October 07, 2006

10 Things Canadian Entrepreneurs should be Thankful For

1) Cellphones: how did people get things done in a day without them?

2) Internships: finally, it’s legal to pay people less than minimum wage because you're actually training them. Why don't more entrepreneurs take advantage of this?

3) Good to Great: Jim Collins’ leadership classic is the Harry Potter of entrepreneurship – it’s made reading business books cool again.

4) Loyal advertisers who support magazines (PROFIT, Report on Small Business, Enterprise, etc.) with great small business content that could never survive if they had to depend on Canadian readers actually paying to receive them (or else, without that support they would have to run too many fawning features on Paris Hilton and Johnny Depp and Oki printers).

5) Catherine Swift and the CFIB, for standing on guard against government waste, stupidity and bureaucracy

6) BDC and EDC, for banking with a social purpose.

7) E-mail: Imagine a free, instant communications medium where formality and grammar (remember learning to type out business letters when you were a kid? Yecch!) take second place to speed and convenience.

8) YPO, TEC, Entrepreneurs’ Organization, CAFÉ, Innovators' Alliance, and other business-mentoring organizations for the opportunity to share ideas, best practices and worst problems with fellow business owners in confidence. If you're not doing it, you should.

9) Larger-than-life, made-in-Canada role models, from Jimmy Pattison to Gerry Schwartz, Terry Matthews and Michael Cowpland, Christine Magee, Guy Laliberte, Ron Foxcroft and Ron Joyce, Michael Lee-Chin, Lise Watier, Ken Rowe, Gwyn Morgan, Remi Marcoux and Becky McKinnon.

10) And for that matter, Bill Gates, Michael Dell and Jack Welch. Even though they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving till next month.

What are you thankful for?

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