Monday, October 30, 2006

Fred Reichheld's occasional blog

Thanks to a comment left by a reader of the previous post, I have learned of the existence of a blog by Fred Reichheld.

He is a longtime Bain consultant who has become the guru of customer loyalty. His new book, The Ultimate Question, is a marvellous inquiry into the importance of loyalty and how you can make it work for you. And I know from meeting him a few years ago that he's a nice guy, too.

Unfortunately, he only seems to blog about once a month. (Memo to Fred: that's not a blog, it's an ugly newsletter!) But what he does write is choice.

I loved his August 29 post on "The True Source of Corporate Reputation and Profitable Growth." It's an apparently authentic reproduction of an email exchange with his son Chris over the summer as Chris grew tired of his bank's high fees and bad service and went looking for a new one. It's an interesting way to see Fred's theories at work. And it has a happy ending, because Chris found a bank with fabulous service and free chequing!

Worth reading for anyone interested in customer service and loyalty - or who's tired of paying bank fees for the privilege of being a customer.

Click here for that story, or check out Fred's latest posts here.

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