Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Dragon's Seethe

Just a gripe about the CBC: Dragons' Den starts tonight (Wednesday) at 8 pm, and I have yet to see a single ad for it. The producers have been quite generous in supplying access to bloggers such as me, but the suits don't seem to be supporting it.

I don't watch a lot of TV, so maybe they're advertising it on the People's Network. But I didn't notice any promotion during the 20 minutes I gave to the Rick Mercer Report last night. And if they're advertising in print, I as a subscriber to two newspapers haven't noticed it yet.

Oh well. Watch anyway. It's only on for five weeks.

If we want TV to produce more sophisticated programs related to business, we really should support them when they do.

Link to Dragons' Den website:
Link to Sean Wise's Inside the Dragons' Den blog:
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Clik here to read my review of Episode 1.

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Andrew said...

I am not sure the program was good for small business. I am trying to decide if I enjoyed the program.