Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Cheers to "UK Entrepreneur"

I don't accept just any invitation to exchange links with other blogs. When I add an "Outside Link" (lower right-hand column) to Canadian Entrepreneur, I expect it to be able to add value to your business every day.

Which is my way of welcoming UK-based "Seriously Business" to my blogroll (look under UK entrepreneur news & issues). It's a new blog that takes seriously its mandate to present small-business-related news, issues and ideas, from a UK perspective. In our globalized world we don't hear much about what's going on in the "Mother Country" very often, so check it out regularly for new approaches and ideas.

Case in point: a young British entrepreneur has just launched an ingenious new Web 2.0 idea:

It enables homeowners to rent out their driveways to commuters, theatre-goers, students, sportfans attending local matches, or attendees of all kinds of special events. It's one of these simple ideas, like Ebay, that matches buyers and sellers with complementary needs but no previous way of identifying each other and building trust. You can even locate the spot on a Google map. And the service is completely free!

For more on this story, visit Graduate Launches New Drive-Renting Scheme

Ironically, Anthony Eskinazi, aged 23, got the idea while attending a Giants' game in San Francisco.

Which just demonstrates the importance of getting out of your comfort zone and embracing new experiences in order to gain entrepreneurial perspective.

In other words, come back to "Seriously Business" often. A left-hand-drive view of the world may be just what the chemist ordered.

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