Friday, October 20, 2006

Dragons show some teeth

CBC sources tell me that Dragons' Den is picking up some traction after disapointing ratings the first week out. Particularly strong is the teen audience, which is not normally a strength for the CBC : Wednesday night's broadcast attracted the second highest number of teen viewers of any CBC show that day.

The number of comments (both good and bad) is also increasing at the CBC's DD website. A sample:
"I have just caught my first show this week, and am fascinated with the implications the show could have on students at-risk. If only we could find a way to package the enthusiasm and go-for-it attitudes shown by the panel for those youth who have just given up, or who think that their best hope of gaining wealth would be to buy a winning lottery ticket!"

Whether the show is renewed or not, it has helped redefine the notion of entrepreneurship for tens of thousands of Canadians. For those (such as I) who see entreprenurship as an antidote to not just creeping socialistic ennui but also the excesses of corporate stupidity and concentration, this has been a very good thing.

If you missed the show, it has two more weeks to run. It will also be rerun multiple times this weekend on CBC Newsworld. Best bets are 8 pm Friday and 9 am Saturday (Eastern time). See Newsworld for local times.

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