Monday, October 23, 2006

7 Steps to Excellence

Jim Estill, the blogging CEO of Synnex Canada, just finished his company’s sales retreat. It closed with his comments on “The 7 Steps to Excellence,” which he kindly summarizes today in his blog, Time Leadership.

1 – Excellence is a continuum.
2 - Be responsive. We need to be lightning fast.
3 - Always learn.
4 - Change is Opportunity. We need to embrace it.
5 - Help resellers win. The more we help our customers win, the more they will buy.
6 - Polish process. We need to look at all of our processes and always question how we can do them faster, better, more effectively.
7 - Do smart business. We need to make sure our business is sustainable long-term.

Jim is a smart guy who continually strives for excellence himself - especially that part about "always learning." You can read more details in his original post. Click here.

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