Monday, February 26, 2007

20,000th Visitor!

On Oct. 6, 2006, after 14 months in operation, this blog recorded its 10,000th visitor – and I was reporting that traffic was exploding.

Today I am pleased to announce that we just landed our 20,000th visitor – which means we gained our second 10,000 visitors in just 4 ½ months.

According to my web stats (accessible to you, too, by clicking on the “Site Meter” logo at the bottom of the right-hand column) our 20,000th visitor came from somewhere in the United States. He or she found us by doing a Google search for “entrepreneur stories.” We're always glad to share Canadian success stories with our American cousins.

Meanwhile, overall traffic to this blog continues to explode. We now average well over 100 visitors a day – that’s about a 50% increase over December’s average.

Merci a tous for your patronage and support.

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