Monday, February 19, 2007

Greatest Canadian Entrepreneurs

As mentioned in a previous post, Roynat is continuing with its search for Canada's all-time best entrepreneur at (Year of the Canadian Entrepreneur, as you may know).

There are 20 finalists to choose from. I have copied and pasted the list below, along with their current vote totals.

Comments: looks like a pretty conventional list. Mostly household names, all men, and mainly from central and eastern Canada.

I think it's too bad that Ken Thomson is siphoning away votes from his more entrepreneurial father, Roy. I'm pleased to see a few historical figures on the list: Eaton, Bell and Bombardier. And speaking of historical figures, Max Ward is flying high. But it looks like Florenceville, New Brunswick is stuffing the ballot box for the McCains.
And what the heck is Conrad Black doing on this list?

Who do you think is the Greatest Canadian Entrepreneur…of all time?
Paul Desmarais Sr. - 3% vote
Ken Thomson - 3% vote
Frank Stronach - 3% vote
Max Ward - 26% vote
Ted Rogers - 2% vote
Joseph-Armand Bombardier - 1% vote
Alexander Graham Bell - 4% vote
Terry Matthews - 2% vote
Timothy Eaton - 1% vote
Frank Sobey - 1% vote
Jim Basillie and Mike Lazaridis - 3% vote
Izzy Asper - 2% vote
Samuel Bronfman - 1% vote
Galen Weston - 1% vote
Conrad Black - 1% vote
Ron Joyce - 2% vote
Roy Thomson - 1% vote
Harrison and Wallace McCain - 34% vote
Kenneth Colin (K.C.) Irving - 2% vote
Jim Pattison - 8% vote

Make your vote count by clicking here. (One name per email address.)

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Rick Spence said...

Having given it due consideration, I think I will cast my vote for Jimmy Pattison:
the Vancouver car salesman, media mogul and quiet philanthropist who gives billionaires a good name.