Thursday, February 01, 2007

Happy Birthday, Two-Year-Old

It’s Feb. 1, and that means this very blog is two years old today.

Since then we’ve had 425 posts and more than 17,000 visitors. ranks this as the 910,087th-most popular site on the Internet. I thank you for your support.
As a birthday present to you, I have renovated the “Most Popular Posts” section in the right-hand column. You can now catch up on the best posts of the past two years with a single click. New entries range from “Are you ready for recession?" to Rick’s advice for better blogging and more powerful writing.

What’s the best part of blogging? Having a reason to sort your thoughts out on paper. Providing people with helpful information that can make a difference in their lives. And being part of a global dialogue. The accompanying map shows the location of the last 100 people to visit this site – from Indonesia and Australia to Iceland and Nizhni Novogrod.


Michael said...

Happy Birthday. Wishing you loads of luck for the future. I will try and go through your earlier posts. Amazing good work. Check out my birthday blog for some beautiful e-cards and other interesting info.

Rick Spence said...

Thank you, Michael. BTW, are you real or some sort of search robot that responds to bloggers' self-indulgent birthday posts?

Funnily enough, it doesn't really matter. Either way, he's pretty clever.