Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Special Offer if you're looking for a speaker: The Future of Entrepreneurship

I am developing an exciting new presentation, suitable as a luncheon or keynote speech for entrepreneurial organizations, business associations and service clubs.

It’s called The Future of Entrepreneurship, and it’s based on five years of conversations, interviews, trends and original study.

This presentation explores the reasons that entrepreneurship has exploded in this country, and offers 10 reasons why this revolution will not only continue, but grow. Then it looks at the flipside: the challenges facing Canadian entrepreneurs, and why they must become stronger to seize the opportunities of today and tomorrow.
Finally, it looks at innovative strategies developed by today’s most successful Canadian entrepreneurs to survive and win in today’s global, get-tough markets.

It’s everything but the kitchen sink (although a kitchen sink does make an appearance) in 45 minutes.

I’m eager to road-test this speech and get some reaction from live audiences. If you'd like to be among the first to hear this original, informative and empowering presentation, drop me a line.

The first five organizations to book me will get 75% off my usual speaking fee.
For more information, please e-mail Rick (at) rickspence.ca

Other workshop and keynote topics available at regular prices. Feel free to contact me for information:

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Previous testimonials for Rick Spence:
“You gave us a delightful, insightful talk and I want you to know that I carry your list of 10 business success factors in my purse like a portable mantra. I have had very positive comments from our members... It was a pleasure to be with you.”

“Thank you for speaking at our recent conference. Your generosity, preparation and participation were all import to the success of the event. Your event was of extreme interest to our members, and very important to the organization.”

“The audience thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. You were able to set the stage for the balance of the Symposium.”

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