Friday, February 16, 2007

Secret Search Terms Revealed!

As you probably know, web analytics give webmasters access to the actual search terms that users have used to find their websites.

Once in a while it’s fun – and occasionally even instructive – to review the terms my visitors used to get here. Here's how a few of my 110 visitors in the past 24 hours found their way to this blog.

There are the obvious searches:
Canadian entrepreneur
trends in Canadian entrepreneurship
selling a canadian small business
angel investors in Toronto
pitch for profit
entrepreneur succession founder
successful Canadian ventures
motivational quotes entrepreneur
women- training entrepreneurship Toronto
top three canadian entrepreneurs
Canadian business billionaires

There are the offbeat search terms:
one line quiz questions on entrepreneurship
pitchers of dragons
saying goodbye to client
entrepreneur jokes
small quotes on teeth
18" rims, toronto
equinox magazine ceased publication
buy "Artisan Bakery" software
emsdale trout

And then there's the just plain mean:
Doug Hall arrogant
employees do not like jim estill
(Just to reassure you, I never said anything of the kind about either gentleman.)

And then there was this one:
rick spence the number one problem in entrepreneurship

Hail the Internet, fount of all wisdom.

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