Monday, February 12, 2007

Pitching for Fun and Profit

PROFIT Magazine’s Pitch4Profit contest has attracted a surprising number of entries. Most are painful to sit through, but that’s Web video for you. It’s still fun to hear about (and see) all these new business ideas and products.

Check out the pitches for less than $1 million here.
You’ll find the folks looking for more than a million here.

And if you can't wait to make your own pitch, you can get your 90-second elevator speech put on tape following the Toronto Venture Group meeting Wednesday morning (Feb. 14).

Special guest at the meeting is Scott Paterson, the former Yorkton Securities superstar who has reinvented himself as CEO of JumpTV (speaking of Web video), which may be the world's leading internet ethnic television broadcaster with 254 channel partnerships and subscribers in 90 countries.
(It’s a bit of a coming-out party for Paterson, who has been pretty quiet since his 2001 agreement with the Ontario Securities Commission to settle allegations that he acted “contrary to the public interest” in helping convince Yorkton clients to buy into a lot of sketchy, tech-related IPOs prior to the 2000 market meltdown.)

Click here for the TVG homepage.

Back to the pitches: Once you've viewed the videos at Pitch4PROFIT, don't forget to leave a comment or vote for your favourites.
If you do make a pitch, come back and let us know. Feel free to ask the whole community at Canadian Entrepreneur to vote for you!

Note: The entry deadline is Feb. 15!

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