Tuesday, January 29, 2008

50,000 Visitors!

Sometime today Canadian Entrepreneur will welcome its 50,000th visitor.

It took us more than 13 months to record our first 5,000 visitors, and now we’re averaging 4,000 a month – which means the next 50,000 should take about a year.

It’s not quite mass media, but it’s targeted information for a specific community of shared interests and values, and one that continues to grow.

I especially like the global nature of this medium. The accompanying map, from my SiteMeter analytics, shows that the last 100 visitors to this site come from every continent (other than Antarctica, of course). Knowing that so many people from so many places visit Canadian Entrepreneur is one of the secret thrills that make blogging worthwhile.
Thanks to all our readers. I enjoy our interaction and look forward to hearing from you any time. Skol!
Wednesday morning update: Our 50,000th visitor arrived overnight from Mangalore (or Mangaluru), on the west coast of India. Mangalore is a very historic city (it was known to the Romans) in the state of Karnataka, which also includes Bangalore, about 350 km to the east. According to Wikipedia, Mangalore (pop. 500,000) is a major port city, and also a booming centre for outsourced IT services to Western companies.
And get this: one of the four regional languages spoken in Mangalore is Kannada. It's apparently the 27th most-spoken language in the world.
Thanks for visting, eh?

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