Friday, January 04, 2008

Getting Great in 2008

Moe Somani, president and CEO of Vancouver-based SOHO group, offers a New Year’s message today that's full of useful resolutions for any entrepreneurs wanting to step up their game this year.

Here are his suggested resolutions to help you reach your 2008 goals faster:
1. Have a clear, written vision of what my business is going to look like by the end of 2008 so I can create a plan on how to get there
2. Learn to delegate more effectively so I can focus on doing what I do best
3. Plan my work and work my plan with regular, weekly planning sessions
4. Keep learning by learning something new everyday
5. Share my knowledge - givers always gain
6. Make time to give back to my community
7. Make uncomfortable decisions...faster
8. Have a networking strategy to keep in touch with clients, prospects and mentors
9. Read more for professional and personal growth
10. Write my goals down for 2008 and measure results against goals every month
11. Invest more time in my people so they can also experience a good work-life balance
12. Create structure and consistency with improved office procedures and regular planning meetings with the staff
13. Start my day 30 minutes earlier than usual

I can't imagine adding much more to this list. Other than I think customers and mentors deserve more than a networking strategy.
To up your game, you must develop creative, strategic ways to get closer to your customers and discover their new needs. And you should be actively seeking out new advisors and mentors (perhaps even forming an advisory board), to make sure you benefit from formal feedback over time.

Great job, Moe.
For more info on SOHO, click here.

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