Saturday, January 12, 2008

Fortune Hunters on TV

A new TV show on entrepreneurship debuts tomorrow (Saturday) on CBC Newsworld.
“FORTUNE HUNTERS” looks at entrepreneurs trying to profit from new trends in society and the economy. It was created (and is hosted by) former Venture host Dianne Buckner, also known as the keeper of the Dragons’ Den.
In the first show tomorrow, Fortune Hunters looks at eco-businesses – will they save the planet? Or at least make some money for the entrepreneurs behind them?
The show starts with profiles of some interesting new businesses, but the sparks start to fly when special guest commentators take over to discuss these particular businesses and their chances of success. Tomorrow’s experts include eco-investor Vicky Sharpe and Kevin O’Leary, the outspoken dragon from Dragons’ Den. It should be a lot of fun.

(Witness Kevin and Vicki’s tip of the week: "It won’t be green that saves the planet - it will be greed. Entrepreneurs can cash in big time by finding a way to help the planet that also helps the bottom line."
Tomorrow’s show also includes the first instalment of a feature called “My First Million.” In the spotlight will be Canadian Springs founder Glenn Bailey, who overcame dyslexia to make big bucks in the bottled-water biz.
Kudos to Dianne Buckner and the CBC for trying to make business – and particularly entrepreneurship – exciting enough for TV. Set your VCR or Tivo for 6:30 pm (Eastern time) or 3:30 pm (Pacific time). You can figure out the rest of the possibilities.
The show will also repeat at 1:30 and 4:30 pm Sunday (Eastern time).
You can check out the Fortune Hunters website here.
Or read Dianne Buckner’s online diary here.

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