Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Battle of the Titans

This Sunday, Canadian bloggers have a chance to prove that not only do they know their stuff, they own more clothes than sweatpants and pyjamas.

A group of 25 (or so) bloggers is competing against teams of cab drivers, backpackers, chefs, flight crews and celebrity impersonators in the latest episode of Test the Nation, CBC-TV's twice-yearly trivia game show. I’ll be on the team (they even asked me to join four much prettier bloggers in the official promo photo, below).

Other bloggers of entrepreneurial note include Andy Nulman, CEO of Airborne Entertainment, VOIP blogger Jon Arnold, tech reporter Amber Macarthur, social-media expert Kate Trgovac, pr guy David Jones, and Craig Silverman of “Regret the Error” (links below).

I am excited about meeting many of these bloggers for the first time. But I'm nervous about the actual competition: the subject is “21st Century Trivia.” While I am embarrassed to admit that I have never lost a game of Trivial Pursuit, they were all played in a previous century, and I haven't been paying much attention lately.

Anyway, tune to CBC at 8 pm on Sunday, Jan. 20. You can play along as we do and prove you’re much smarter than any of us.

(One of my teammates, Andy Nulman, is proving to be quite the competitor. He has bet $500 that a blogger will score the highest point total of all the in-studio guests. Check out his challenge here.)

Below are the other participating bloggers you’ll be cheering for (and pix of the celebrity impersonators). Click here to meet the other teams (and predict who you think will win).

Dan Arnold
Jon Arnold (blog) Add Image
Christopher Bird (blog)
Buzz Bishop (blog)
Rebecca Bollwitt (blog)
Jules Carlysle (blog)
Alexa Clark (blog)
Ryan Couldrey (blog)
Ryan Cousineau (blog)
Katharine Hay (blog)
Jesse Hirsch (blog)
Kerry Anne Holloway (blog)
David Jones (blog)
Allyson Kenning (blog)
John Klein
Andree Lau (blog)
Lainey Lui
Amber Macarthur (blog)
John Martz
Hugh McGuire (blog)
Mark McIntyre (blog)
Patrick Metzger (blog)
Andy Nulman (blog)
Ryan Porter (blog)
Adam Schwabe
Craig Silverman (blog)
Julien Smith (blog)
Allan Sorenson (blog)
Rick Spence (blog)
Graeme Stewart (blog)
David Topping (blog)
Kate Trgovac (blog)
Rannie Turingan (blog)
James Viloria (blog)
Karen Whaley (blog)
Frank Yang


Anonymous said...

Great post Rick! I didn't know who was on our team aside from you and a few others til now - thanks for that. FYI, I just posted about this too, and I also left a note on the Facebook Group page.


See you Sunday!!!

George Torok said...

So they might be prettier that you - but you have that hair. I'm sure the Trump would be jealous.

good luck on Sunday.

George Torok