Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Barack Obama and Media 2.0

What is social media? Does it apply to any industry outside technology or entertainment?

You bet. Yesterday, Toronto brand-marketer Sean Howard blogged about how Barack Obama has used social media tools such as web video, crowdsourcing and social websourcing to bring hope to millions of Americans, raise tens of millions of dollars and build a giant-killing campaign.

"Sure, blogs might become something else. Wikis will evolve into new toolsets and even YouTube will transform and be usurped by something else.
"But personal expression will not disappear. The desire of people to have a voice and to participate will only increase in the days to come. This is what technology is enabling on a scale never before seen on this planet.
"The organizations that embrace this shift will accomplish things never before thought possible. They will learn things that will amaze both them and their competitors. If this isn't worth the risk of "letting go of control" then I don't know what is."

A great read, with lots of examples. Click here for Sean's post.

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