Monday, March 31, 2008

Rick (and friends) on the Radio

Looking for an entrepreneurial boost? I and several other small-business experts are taking part in a weekly “internet radio” show on Sunday nights, hosted by Mandie Crawford, the Calgary-based dynamo behind the Roaring Women association.

Right now, Mandie is in the middle of a cross-country tour in her “Coaching Coach,” meeting with small groups of business owners right across Canada, in her cozy RV. She asks what’s going on in their businesses and then helps them find answers to questions of motivation, management, marketing and growth.

In last night’s show I turned the tables on Mandie, who usually asks all the questions. I asked her about the questions she’s getting from entrepreneurs in her travels, and what kind of answers she’s handing out. If you're interested in the state of small business, this is must-listening. You’ll also hear our musings about marketing, planning, cash flow, raising your prices, and the new boom in multi-level and home-based marketing. Plus, we talk about the most common reasons for business failure, and what you can do to avoid them.

My fellow panelists are Calgary-based Troy White, of, and graphic designer/business consultant Isabelle Mercier of Vancouver-based Leapzone Strategies. (I'm the token Easterner.)

To listen in, click on over to BlogTalk Radio and decide for yourself if it’s the future of mass communications. The program lasts one hour. One advantage over conventional radio: if you're bored by one topic, you can fast-forward and skip to the next one.

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