Friday, March 14, 2008

Birth of a Catch-Phrase

Down in Ann Arbor for a conference earlier this week, I snapped this photo outside a local restaurant. It's my new favourite catch-phrase.
I assume new management wanted to let customers know they are welcome - although this could be a subtle cry for help from some poor beleaguered staffer.
At any rate, "New Management Welcome" will be my new slogan every time I lambaste some company for poor management or marketing.
Follow the friendly neon sign to find out how not to do business.
Like, not proofreading your message for unintended meanings before you put it out for all to see.
June 5 Follow-up: I love the idea of writing about mismanagement so much that I have just launched a new blog on the subject. It'll be a little more satirical and off-the-wall than this blog, but hopefully just as thought-provoking. Click on over to... New Management Welcome.

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