Sunday, March 23, 2008

Say this to yourself five times

I caught part of an interview with U.S. cartoonist Sam Gross on CBC Radio the other day. He’s the New Yorker artist who has just issued a book of cartoons based on swastikas – the idea being to drain the dreaded symbol of its power by making it a figure of fun.

The CBC interviewer asked what he would do if the critics attacked his new book. Gross’s reply was classic – reflecting a hearty self-confidence that more people should exhibit. Especially entrepreneurs.

His reply: “I've had bad reviews before. I'm still around.”

I wish all Canadian entrepreneurs could get over setbacks and criticisms so easily. “I've been rejected before. I’m not giving up. And I’m not going away.”

Kudos to Sam Gross for saying it so boldly and simply.

“I've had bad reviews before. I'm still around.”

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Anonymous said...

My favourite quote, similar to this one is:
"I've been called worse things by better people"