Monday, March 17, 2008

Where’s your head trash at?

Are you talking yourself out of a sale? If your mind's made up about how a customer is going to behave, even before you've had a chance to talk with them, you may be guilty of listening to your own “head trash.”

That’s the point made by Oakville, Ont., sales trainer Kelley Robertson in one of his recent weekly newsletters. He describes "head trash" as the mental garbage that affects your performance in key interactions – especially sales conversations. “Head trash is a collection of limiting thoughts or ideas that prevent you from taking specific action that will help you generate better results.”

In other words, when you listen to that negative voice in your head, you're beaten before you've even started.

Robertson offers several examples. “In a sales training workshop I conducted for a specialty retailer, several people stated that they didn't bother trying to close any business before 11:00 AM because they "knew" that everyone who came into their store before that time was just comparing their price with another store located close by. A sales person in a manufacturing company told me that her customers would not pay full price for her service because a major competitor sold a similar product for less money.”

Sounds like what my old psych prof called a "self-fulfilling prophecy." You get the results you expect.

To achieve the results you deserve, says Robertson, dump the head trash. “Replace this garbage with possibility thinking. With thoughts of what you CAN do. With positive outcomes. Take out the trash and improve your results.”

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