Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Can a blog help my business?

Can a blog help your business? I've marshalled my best arguments in this week's Financial Post column. (The article is also about how important it is that you keep practicing your pitch in front of customers until you get it right.)

I'm not trying to convince you to blog. If you don't see the value, don't worry about it. A successful blog takes passion and commitment. Only people who are committed to stimulating conversations in their market, and who have valulable things to say, should bother to blog.

Having said that, if you have passion, content, a flair for writing, and an urge to create deeper relationships with customers and prospects, you should explore what a blog can do. It's the opposite of advertising - it's content, not style, and benefits, not promises. And it's cheaper, too.

Check out the article here.


Anonymous said...

I loved the blogging for business article. It certainly allows me to "talk" with my clients in a way that isn't SALES yet it still conveys that I know something about my business.

Anonymous said...

There is a wide range in the quality of blogs. Some are horrible. Some are very personal and updated often. Part of how you blog depends on the particular business you are in.