Thursday, May 28, 2009

7 reasons to be grateful you’re an entrepreneur right now

I found this inspiring article today at the website of The Strategic Coach, the Canadian-made entrepreneur-training program so many business owners swear by. I’ll give you the highlights – see the original post for the full details.

Seven things entrepreneurs should keep in mind in this economy:

1. The need for new, better, and different ways of doing things is more evident now than it has been for decades. Entrepreneurs specialize in the new, better, and different.

2. You have invaluable assets that the market can’t touch. Among them are the abilities to create value, find solutions, mobilize talent, sell people on what they need to make their futures bigger, and make your visions real.

3. If you’ve lost money in the markets, you can make it back in your business. This is a tremendous advantage that the non-entrepreneurial world doesn’t have.

4. Most entrepreneurs do their best work in times like these. Challenges and uncertainty bring out entrepreneurs’ best instincts for creativity and innovation.

5. Unlike others, you have the ability to insulate yourself permanently from external economic shocks. Every day in Strategic Coach®, we see entrepreneurs whose progress has not been negatively affected by what’s going on in the world.

6. There is a model that works. Many Unique Process entrepreneurs in Strategic Coach® are reporting every day that, even in the toughest of times, their businesses are growing and thriving.

7. Your entrepreneurial life will keep you going and growing. Heavy lifting builds big muscles.

Don't stop now. Read the full article here.

Thanks to Dan Sullivan for being so far out front for so long.

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Lanie said...

Being an entrepreneur is a rewarding choice for many but starting a business is not an easy task. Thanks for sharing this. This site might be helpful too.