Monday, May 25, 2009

Notes from a Dragon: "Just ate a scorpion"

Dragons’ Den has been shooting its fourth season this month, and has just a few days to go. I haven't been in to watch the tapings yet, but it sounds like an extraordinary season. The quality of pitchers was extremely high across Canada this year, and at least one Dragon is having the time of his life.

W. Brett Wilson, the Calgary-based oil and gas magnate with a soft spot for hard-luck stories, is chronicling his Dragons’ Den experiences on Twitter. If you haven't discovered the gold that is Twitter, this is a good way to start. Begin by following the Twitter posts of interesting people, get to know a little more about them, note what kinds of posts or topics resonate most with you, and then start thinking about what you might write in your own Tweets.

(Your Twitter posts will be a series of short promotional, biographical or impressionistic notes that eventually form an ongoing, collective profile of you, your interests, your values and professionalism. It's a great way to promote yourself or your business with authenticity and passion.)

You can find Brett Wilson’s Tweets here. His most recent post is my favourite. It shows so much energy and personal charm:

“So close to done. We have looked at almost 185 deals. Done some great stuff. And seen some of the wildest ideas. I love Dragons Den...”

(I also like this one, from Saturday, May 23: "Just ate a scorpion. So did Jim Treliving. What will Dragons Den think of next...?"


Jacoline Loewen said...

Rick, I am intrigued to read your views on Twitter as you are the communiction guru. The posts do need to add up to meaningful and useful comments - or in Brett's case, inspiring for all entrepreneurs.
I am going to try reading other Twitters for a while and see how it goes!

Anonymous said...

Now that Dragons' Den has finished taping, Brett Wilson has fallen into the same trap as too many other Twitterers: tweeting about every cough, sneeze and fart he has the pleasure of unleashing.