Friday, May 22, 2009

Read & Tell

One of my favorite Canadian entrepreneurs is Jim Crocker, a multi-PROFIT 100 winner who now consults through his company, Boardroom Metrics, and blogs and Twitters as well.

Jim had a great blogpost earlier this week distilling the highlights of the May 11 issue of Fortune Magazine. Lots of insights you can benefit from.


“Page 12. 'Gun Money'. Bizarrely, the gun and ammunition business in the US has exploded (sorry) over the past year. Remington just announced a backlog of almost $300 million. Up from $115 million a year ago. Smith and Wesson shares are up 338%! There is a backlog of 1.3 people waiting for background checks to purchase firearms.”

His post, entitled “Fortune Teller,” is full of little gems like this. Click here to read the whole post.

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