Thursday, May 28, 2009

Leave your competitors in the dust

GTA readers, circle your calendars.

BC-based strategy consultant Roy Osing, former Chief Marketing Officer of Telus and author of the just-published BE DIFFERENT or Be Dead: Your Business Survival Guide, will give a public talk on Tuesday, June 2 at the McNally Robinson book store at Don Mills Centre (DOn Mills at Lawrence Ave. E.) The 8 pm -9 pm pm event will undoubtedly include signing copies of his book.

I have seen an advance copy of BE DIFFERENT or Be Dead, and it's an epic piece of work brimming with tips and tools for differentiating and strengthening your business.

Osing's starting point is "the ONLY" statement, in which he challenges you to find ways to describe your business as "the only" source of whatever it provides. "We are the only ones who..."

Among the examples in his book are this line from Queen's University's MBA program. "Only Queen's provides personal development coaching to build on your individual strengths."

Osing offers a practical, hands-on approach to performance enhancement and more effective marketing. He says it's "based on solid business principals that have been successfully implemented in the real world and will leave your competitors in the dust."

Go to for more info on the book, Roy's blog, and other tools and resources.

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