Friday, May 15, 2009

Stimulate Your Business

Stimulate Your Business... and Prosper in a Brutal Market.

That's the title of a creative and timely marketing session being put on by two crackerjack business experts in Burlingon, Ont., this Wednesday, May 20.

(Full disclosure. I am friends with both - but I gain nothing from promoting their seminar.)

Both George Torok and Kelley Robertson have been quoted in this blog many times for their proficiency in marketing (George) and selling (Kelley). I have seen both of them speak, I have talen a course from Kelley, and I have hired George (and paid him full rate) for a conference I put together in Montreal two years ago.

I hear so many Canadian entreprenurs who are suffering in this recession. So many Canadian entrepreneurs who don't know how to market themselves, and don't have much confidence when it comes to selling, either.

Well here we have two experts in their fields sharing their expertise for a full day. They're taking a bit of a gamble putting on their own summit, betting that Canadian business people will take time out of their busy days to plunk down $295 to improve their marketing and sales skills – and I really hope it pays off for them.

You could spend days wading through their books, or you could hire them for several thousand dollars a day each. Or you could go to their seminar on May 20 and learn how to prosper in this economy from Kelley and George in person.

And since they're offering a 100% money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose. If you don't learn anything useful from these guys that will make you a more effective marketer and salesperson, you'll get for your money back. No questions, no hassles.

Whenever Canadian experts on small business get together, they always lament the lack of sales and marketing skills among our entrepreneurs. We make great products, we make great business leaders, but many Canadians simply missed out on the selling gene.

Why not spend on professional development? If it doesn't take, George and Kelley will pay for it.

Click here to learn more about this seminar. You have nothing to lose but excuses.
Place: Holiday Inn Burlington.
Time: 8:30 am to 4 pm, Wednesday, May 20
Priority: High

(Charles Marcus, a motivational expert, is also on the program. I don't know him, but I’d recommend George and Kelley any day.)

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George Torok said...


Thanks for speading the word of our Stimulate Your Business Summit.

It's going to be a dynamite day. The three of us are pumped at working together on this project.

Entrepreneurs have everything to gain and nothing to lose by attending. And there is tons of followup support for all attendees.

It would cost a company over $16,000.00 to hire the three of us for the day.

And yes I am proud to be in the same program with Charles Marcus. He has a inspiring tale to tell.

George Torok