Saturday, November 12, 2005

75 Reasons to Be Glad You're an American Entrepreneur

Forgive the jingoism. That’s the title of an article at (and in the October issue of Inc. magazine) by Michael S. Hopkins. It takes a contemporary and slightly pop-culture look at why entrepreneurship is such a popular and powerful concept right now.

And most of it applies equally to Canadians, eh (not to mention just about everybody else.)

Some of it’s just plain silly, but many of these reasons are important – and even inspiring. Here are some of my favorites:

1. Because things are changing, still and again. But now the changes are incremental and diverse, not overnight and obvious. Start adding the changes up and themes emerge.
5. Jim Collins's website (
6. Better coffee. Easier to find. Now available in every American hamlet (thanks to Starbucks and its spawn) in time for that next all nighter you swore you wouldn't pull.
9. Because English is, more than ever, the language of international business. There are more Chinese learning English than Americans speaking it.
17. Moore's Law--despite anyone who says it no longer applies. We guarantee that tomorrow the computer your company needs will again be faster, better, and cheaper than it is today.
18. Peer groups. More of them. Less formal. Simpler to start (not least because there are simply more peers). The counsel, empathy, and bracing inspiration of veteran fellow travelers can be as close as you decide to arrange it.
19. Because not just your business problems but our social problems, too, are being attacked more and more frequently with entrepreneurship.
21. Because corporate America's burden of satisfying shortest-term financial performance expectations has never been more crippling.
23. Because big companies still keep Dilbert in fresh material.

It goes on and on, but it’s worth it. Click here for the full story.

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