Friday, November 25, 2005

Can you help?

Canadian Entrepreneur is garnering more reader comments lately, which I appreciate. They add life and depth to a blog!

But here’s a comment you may have missed, since it was recently attached to a post from six weeks ago (Oct. 11).

Cheerily titled “Let's All Work with Google!” the post linked to a blog entry from Chris Sacca, who is one of Google’s principals for New Business Development. I thought his discussion on how to partner with Google amount to a manifesto on how to do business today. (Click here for my original post.)

Well, somebody (his name's Kevin) googled Sacca and was led here. He read the post, and – well, I’ll let him tell it. Can you help this guy? His e-mail address is at the end of his note.

“I just read about Mr. Sacca in a Business 2.0 (print edition) article, Googled him and ended up here. The hints are good ones and compare well with the ones I found at

I have a new media idea that I have been researching and test-pitching to friends and family. The idea involves the reuse of digital content (songs, movies, still images) and addresses the copyright issues that arise from the creation of combined and/or re-edited presentations (of existing, legally licensed, copyrighted content.

I would like to approach Mr. Sacca of Google or firms like Garage Ventures (Guy Kawasaki) with this idea, but need to make a solid first impression. I do not wish to dilute the idea's reputation or risk it being stolen by spamming VCs with poorly written or incomplete proposals.

I am not sure whether I should be pitching the intellectual property (and IP licensing) opportunities, or the finished products. Perhaps both are appropriate, depending on the target audience.

I have ZERO experience pitching VCs. I come from an engineering background and already have a couple of patents that have earned me nothing.

Mr. Spence's post states that "Sacca’s job is to find new ideas and new people to partner with – even though 90% of the people he meets will never be appropriate partners." I want to be in the 10% that succeed.

Success in this journey requires a sherpa, a guide, someone who has successfully (or near-successfully) pitched ideas to VCs. If you are reading this and are (or know) someone who is up to the challenge, I promise not to waste your time.
I will, however, require an NDA.

E-mail: kpkpkp AT gmail DOT com

--posted by Kevin Pierce to Canadian Entrepreneur at 11/23/2005 10:27:22 AM

C'mon, folks. Let's prove Canadians still care. (name that tune!)

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