Thursday, November 17, 2005

Two milestones for this blog!

Today this blog will receive its 2,000th visitor. That's not a lot for some websites, but I believe it's quite a feat for a blog whose title consists of two long, four-syllable words, neither of which (let's admit it) set most people's hearts a-flutter.

It's also a factor of the steady growth of this blog. It took us seven months to gain our first 1,000 visits, and less than three months to gain our next thousand. Almost a hockey-stick growth rate!

Thank you for visiting.

Anouncement No. 2: Yesterday Google introduced Google Base, its attempt to create a free global bulletin board to compete with eBay and other private databases. As a test, I posted a promo ad for this blog on Google Base yesterday afternoon. At 12:01 am, I had my first visitor click through from that ad.

If this keeps up, I may use Google Base to auction off Pez dispensers.

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