Thursday, November 24, 2005

The Microsoft Way... out

Fascinating post by Toronto venture capitalist and blogger Rick Segal on his survey of fellow Microsoft alumni now building other businesses.

The always curious Segal interviewed 25 ex-colleagues, and asked if they believe their Microsoft experience gives them an edge in face-to-face meetings, either with people still at Microsoft, or in new interactions.

60% said no. “I was shocked," writes Segal. Probing the point, he got this response from a seven-year Microsoft vet who seems now well on the path to recovery: “I never knew just how arrogant, snotty, and rude it is to flip open a laptop and read mail while in a meeting. I feel like I need to find the hundreds of people I dealt with over the years and apologize. It might be this swaggering, hot shot crap works with internal meetings, but man, is it rude.”

Segal asked if they would go back to MS if they got a call from Bill Gates or another senior guy. 80% said no, with the rest saying maybe. No one said yes.

Then Segal asked if they were using MS-based technology in their new or current role, or “open source”? Three quarters of the respondents said “Open Source,” or some non-Microsoft variation.

Think of these people next time your broker suggests investing in Microsoft.

For the full article (and more questions and lots of comment) click here.

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