Thursday, May 04, 2006

Exciting News!

We interrupt this blog to brag for a minute.

I just learned this week that a story I wrote for PROFIT Magazine last year has been nominated for a National Magazine Award.

The story, "The Trillion-Dollar Trap," examines the looming succession crisis in small and medium-sized business in Canada, as tens of thousands of baby-boom entrepreneurs bail out of their busnesses over the next 10 years. I found that neither the entrepreneurs nor the people who are supposed to help them - from the banks to the federal government - are remotely prepared for this generational transition.

Forewarded is forearmed.
If you missed the story the first time around, you can read it here.

Wish me luck. I've been the president of the National Magazine Awards (1994-95), but I've never been personally nominated before. The awards get won at a gala soiree at the Carlu on June 9.

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George Torok said...

Rick congratulations on your nomination - you deserve it.

Especially congrats on "bragging" about it. I know how reluctant you are to promote yourself. Even when you try to brag you are humble.

George Torok