Thursday, May 18, 2006

Summertime, and the hooky is easy

I was taken by surprise today how many people intend to take tomorrow off, or work only three hours and call it a half-day.

That's because it's the 24th of May weekend, the first holiday Monday of the year, and the beginning of summer, even though the temperature where I live feels more like the end of October.

Everyone feels so gleeful about the very prospect of playing hooky. And after two years of being my own boss, it's funny how unfamiliar and alien I find that attitude.

Entrepreneurs like to work. Saturdays and Sundays are our secret weapon. Not talking to clients for three days is like cutting off our oxygen. Sure, we like our free time, and my friend Michael is probably already on board his boat on Lake Simcoe. But for the most part, entrepreneurs (and certainly solopreneurs like me) love what we do, so we don't feel the same deep need to get away from it.

No, we're not workaholics. I just think we're closer to integrating our personal and working lives than most of our deskbound salaried friends.

That doesn't make up for the lack of dental plan. But it's got to be worth something!

Have a great V-Day. Buy Lakeport.

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