Thursday, May 18, 2006

Once more with Mesh

There's a great summary of the lessons from this week's Mesh 1.0 conference written by Jim Courtney at Skype Journal. I hope he doesn't mind if I steal his list for you:

Business needs to build conversational dialogues with their customers.
Blogs can humanize the enterprise (think Scoble and Microsoft)
Web 2.0 relationships are complementary to "community" media for local news and events, broadcast media for relaxation and print media for easily accessible portable news.
Copyright reform needs to move from controlling markets to facilitating market driven protections.
Technology can and will change the way people do business but in a transparent productivity-enhancing manner
It's about building credibility and trust: When it comes to ethics, etiquette, editorial policies and other social interaction protocols, "legacy" social guidelines survive the technology shift (and, in many cases, become more transparent)
Participants in communities will self-manage credibility and trust issues through tools such as self-editing wikis, blog comments and other dialog facilitators
New advertising models and metrics are needed to build the infrastructure that captures a reasonable ROI for the infrastructure providers.

Wish I'd said that.

BTW, a few weeks ago Jim had a pre-post on Mesh that nicely summed up the remarkable accomplishment of the five part-time organizers:

"In summary, mesh has been organized by five individuals who have to hold down their day job but have succeeded in attracting top-notch speakers and several hundred attendees, all via the web, living the Marketing 2.0/Web 2.0 experience. With no budget and taking all the financial risk associated with ensuring a professional meeting environment."

Congrats, guys. Way to walk the talk.

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