Monday, May 29, 2006

Learn from the Pros, June 12

It's high time I alerted you to a fabulous conference in Toronto that's just two weeks away: the Small Business/Big Thinking conference put on by Visa Canada.

This'll be the second annual rendition of the conference, but I think it'll be bigger than ever. I had a hand in selecting the speakers and content, so I know it will be worth your while - if you're serious about growing your business and interested in learning from the best.

The two keynote speakers are proven Canadian successes and inspirational to boot: Retail maverick Donald Cooper, one of the most motivational and idea-filled speakers I've ever heard; and Teresa Cascioli, who turned around Lakeport Brewing and made it one of Canada's top independent breweries.

Then there are seminars on banking, marketing, e-commerce, management, and more, featuring such luminaries as Ian Portsmouth of PROFIT Magazine, Canada's Sales Coach Tom Stoyan, Ken Schafer of AIMS, Michel Neray on positining statements, Catherine McQuaid on selling to big business, Mia Doucet on doing business with China, Jordan Banks of eBay Canada, Margaret Butteriss on Employee Engagement, Doug Robbins on buying a business, panels of successful growth entrepreneurs spilling their secrets, and much, much more.

They even found room for me on the agenda, talking about the best practices of successful growth companies.

And since no one can possibly make it to every session, attendees will receive executive summaries of every session at the entire show. (Click here for the full agenda.)

Run, don't walk to, and sign up now. And no, no one's paying me to say this.
The essence of entrepreneurship is learning from the pros, and this is your opportunity of the year.

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