Tuesday, May 16, 2006

What a Fine Mesh you've gotten us into!

The first Mesh conference on Web 2.0 and the digital future continues today down at the MARs centre in downtown Toronto. Lots of talk about interactivity, blogging and the future of business. Very positive stuff, all about transparency and collaboration.

Some business people might sneer about the return of geeks who take the Internet too seriously, but I for one find the idealism refreshing.

I’ll be taking in some events this afternoon, but here are some links to others blogging about day One.

Mathew Ingram (Globe & Mail tech reporter and conference co-organizer)
Scott Karp on the miracle of live blogging
Tris Hussey: lots of posts that will make you feel you were there
Nathan Rudyk, The Trojan Mouse
Steve Rubel on Om Malik

For serious Web 2.0 aficionados (and those who want to learn more about it): Visit the Mesh wiki page (contributors, in-house blog, further info, etc.)

There should have been more same-day blogging at an event like this, but I understand yesterday’s session was followed by a pub night. Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose...


Tris Hussey said...

Rick thanks for the link! Hope I can keep up with the speakers.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rick, I'm blogging the conference semi-live on www.gagglescape.com

Robert Ouellette