Monday, March 26, 2007

10 Website Tips

Stephen Jagger, co-founder of Ubertor, a Vancouver-based real-estate software company, has a great blog on real-estate marketing at

And if you understand marketing, that means it has lots you can learn from even if you're not in real estate. Any professionals marketing their services can benefit from Stephen’s experience.

I especially like March 19 posting on 40 ways to make a great real estate agent website. Because virtually every tip applies to anyone trying to market themselves and professional products or services.

Here’s his top 10. I’ll let you visit his site for the next 30.

1. Add a blog: write about you, your business, your expertise, your area, etc.

2. Write a good biography that talks about you, your education, past employment, places you’ve lived…

3. Include home page content that contains your full name, company name, neighbourhoods you work, phone number, etc.

4. Add video about yourself

5. Get testimonials from clients. Be sure to include their full names as it adds more credibility to the testimonial

6. Get rid of all canned content and take the time to write your own text in its place

7. Add Meebo to your site so that you can chat with your visitors

8. Use Google Analytics to track your traffic

9. Add a feature listing to your home page, be sure to change it every few weeks

10. Make your cell phone and email address known. Have them on every page

Click here for the rest of Stephen’s list.

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