Friday, March 02, 2007

Networking for the rest of us

For many entrepreneurs selling high-value goods and services to niche markets, personal networking remains the primary source of new leads, sales and partnerships. But how many of us are any good at it?

Here are seven great networking tips from Montreal marketing consultant Lucy MacDonald.

1. Go by yourself. As scary as that may seem, it is often the best strategy.
2. Dress the part.
3. Have a goal in mind before you enter the room.
4. Skip the food and drink if you are attending a stand-up networking event. It’s difficult to focus on networking if you're crunching your way through the vegetable dip.
5. Ask questions like “Tell me about your business”, or “What business are you in?” and follow it up with “what kind of clients are you looking for?”
6. Have your verbal business card ready. Be ready with an answer when someone asks you “What do you do?”
7. Before you or the other person move on, close the conversation with a “thank you” and perhaps an offer to follow-up with an email.

See the original article, with the full details, here.

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